Rick Masters (M-F: 6AM TO 10AM)

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Rick began his radio career in 1988 at a small station in SW MO. About a year later he migrated to Springfield, MO and joined the staff of a Classic Rock powerhouse. After working at a few other stations in that market, Rick left for Jefferson City to work for a sports network. Fast forward six years and Rick is back in Springfield working at the job he previously vacated. Then, in 2021 Rick joined the ranks of Benne Media and landed in the lovely Sedalia, MO area to do the morning show on Power 97.7 and he loves it. Please don't run him out of town… yet.

Sandra Evans (M-F: 10AM TO 3PM)

Hi, I'm Sandra Evans, your Queen of the Midday

I have the pleasure of taking you through your work day with the best rock music ever. Thank you for that opportunity.

Sandra Evans grew up a genuine Midwest farmers granddaughter and loves nothing better than listening to rock and roll music all day. Still, a good streaming movie binge and popcorn feast will do in a pinch. Sandra is an avid reader of rock icon biographies – as long as it is an audio book. To all those fool hardy would-be challengers – BEWARE. Almost no one can beat Sandra in a round of pop culture history trivia or a 1980s style dance-off. Ms. Evans considers herself among the blessed to enjoy your company every weekday while playing classic hits and dancing as if trying out to be an old-school video vixen. Some people are so lucky!

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