Ruthie Hart

Hi, I'm Ruthie Hart, your Queen of the Midday (or as Jack lovingly refers to me Mad Dog Ruthie).

Working with these guys is a tough job but someone has to do it and I have been given that pleasure every day. I also have the pleasure of taking you through your work day with the best rock music ever. Thank you for that opportunity, too.

Born and raised in St. Louis, I was a "starving artist" performing in local and regional theatre, dinner theatre, television and radio commercials along with modeling. Moving to Sedalia, in 2004, I worked with my husband Gerald in his photography studio until he "retired".

I wasn't ready to retire yet so, here I am hanging out with you every day.

I enjoy my life with my husband, our children and two cats. I'm into bird watching, fishing, paddling, wine and working out.

Favorite artists: Beatles, Rolling Stones (my first concert), John Mellencamp, Billy Joel, Monet Degas and Van Gogh.

Favorite quote: "Better keep yourself clean and bright. You are the window through which you must see the world." -George Bernard Shaw

Favorite books: Chronicles of Narnia and anything by Hemingway

Some things I still want to do: Play the harp and paint with watercolors

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Marc Elliot

Marc Elliot’s radio career began when he was 12 years old and operating a pirate radio (unlicensed) station in his parents attic. Marc’s station got the attention of the morning DJ from one of the local radio stations in his hometown. Agreeing to turn off his pirate station in exchange for the ability to job shadow the morning DJ, Marc’s career would soon take off. After getting “keys” to the station, Marc began showing up before the morning DJ and one day – ended up on the air when the morning DJ didn’t show up for work.

At the age of 17, Marc dropped out of high school to work fulltime in radio. Over the years, Marc would move around the Midwest from Columbia, Missouri to Davenport, Iowa to Columbus, Ohio. After spending most of his career in Columbus, Marc moved back to Columbia in 2001.

Along the way, Marc also became a Police Office. In 2006, Marc left radio to work full time in law enforcement where he became a Sergeant and a Public Information Officer. His involvement in several high-profile murders brought him to Good Morning America and Fox News. Marc also appears in several books and made for TV movies and crime shows. Marc retired from law enforcement in 2018, after 24 years of service.

A random encounter with the owner of Power 97.7 brought Marc back to the airwaves in February of 2021. Because of modern technology, Marc’s show originates from his home at the Lake of the Ozarks where he enjoys spending time his fiancé, Michelle, and their three grandchildren.

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Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels In The Morning debuted on Classic Hits Power 97.7 in 2008.

August 1st is his 13th anniversary!

Jack was born in Fayette and grew up in Hannibal where he got his first radio job on KHMO. Jack was 14-years old and the fact that his father was the station’s Assistant General Manager probably helped.

Jack has worked at a number of Missouri radio stations and did a short stint at a station in Hartford, Connecticut. Jack spent several years at a radio station in Ft. Smith, Arkansas where he also did a daily TV show.

Jack and his wife Teresa have three kids and five grandchildren. Jack enjoys playing the stock market, has an extensive coin collection, and has been a freelance whiskey taster since college.

Jack was referenced in the “Encyclopedia of Great American DJ’s." Contrary to the book, he never dated Raquel Welch but did get a hickey from Mary Tyler Moore. And he absolutely never, ever stalked Sarah Palin.

At his 40 th birthday party Jack did a 40-minute solo version of “Stairway To Heaven.” Two months later his wife sold his guitar at her spring garage sale…for 5-bucks!

Jack is developing a high-carb diet with a heavy emphasis on red meat, fried foods, and beer.

One of Jack’s favorite quotes is “Life is what you make of it.”
Yes, he knows Eleanor Roosvelt first said it. Of couse, today, even she would be a Republican!

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